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Tesla to cut work force 7%; Musk expects 'tiny' Q4 profit

Tesla plans to cut 7 percent of its work force -- an estimated 3,150 jobs -- as the EV maker looks to trim costs and be consistently profitable while it ramps up production and strives to lower prices on the Model 3 sedan. CEO Elon Musk said the company is targeting a tiny profit in the fourth quarter....

Trump tariffs force tough choices at U.S. auto suppliers

With tariffs firmly part of the landscape, the choice is stark for most auto industry suppliers: absorb the extra cost, pass them on to customers or find ways to slash material costs....

Rivian's Scaringe: Making EVs, ?the hardest part' of being an automaker

Upstart automaker Rivian Automotive is now hitting the hardest part of becoming a full-on automaker: actually making autos....

Cadillac CT6 isn't dead for U.S.

GM plans to keep the CT6 sedan in Cadillacs U.S. lineup, despite the potential closure of the domestic plant that produces the sedan....

VW plans $800 million EV plant in Tenn.; will add 1,000 jobs

Volkswagen Group is adding a second plant in Tennessee to build electric vehicles for Volkswagen and potentially other brands, with an $800 million investment expected to create 1,000 jobs at the German automakers only U.S. assembly operation....

Could there be another name for GM?

Analyst Adam Jonas speculation last week that General Motors consider a name change isnt going anywhere, according to a company spokesman. But if it were, GM has a long list of choices left over from the original naming of the company in 1908 by founder Billy Durant....

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  • Ice Scraper

    Ice Scraper
    The 10 Bear Claw Ice Scraper was the first scraper introduced by Hopkins. It paved the way for winter product innovation. The design consists of strong ice chip...(more)

    $2.29 More Details
  • Snow Brush

    Snow Brush
    With an extra wide scraper blade the Mallory Slimline makes frost and ice removal a breeze. Made of high quality materials, the slimline is the perfect no fuss ...(more)

    $4.99 More Details
  • Snow Brush

    Snow Brush
    Hopkins 32 Ice Chisel snowbrush features everything that you need from a snowbrush and ice scraper. The 4 wide blade clears frost and ice quickly and the brush ...(more)

    $7.99 More Details
  • Snow Broom

    Snow Broom
    The Snow Plow Snowbroom was brought to the market in 2012 by SubZero as the first, and remains the only, snow and ice tool to feature a foam pusher on the same ...(more)

    $17.99 More Details
  • Snow Brush

    Snow Brush
    The SubZero 35 Arctic Plow is the perfect item for snow heavy regions. The heavy-duty, wide EVA foam head can move the deepest, wettest snow while not damaging ...(more)

    $19.99 More Details
  • Ice Scraper

    Ice Scraper
    Hopkins 42 Telescopic Ice Chisel snowbrush provides the extendable length and functionality that is needed from a snow and ice tool. The easy to use twist lock ...(more)

    $11.99 More Details