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SKU-010416 Cool Tape 1-1/2 x 30' from Advance Auto  sku

Cool Tape 1-1/2 x 30' - 010416 by Design Engineering

Item description: This Exhaust Exhaust Heat Shields product is by Design Engineering - Cool Tape is a flexible and super strong self-adhesive thermal insulating tape capable of protecting up to 2000F of radiant heat. Made of one mil aluminized material bonded to a woven glass fiber heat resistant matting, Cool Tape is a ultra light weight heat reflective solution for wrapping wires, cables, hoses, fuel lines, covering seams and many other uses. Product Features:Withstands direct heat up to 400F and 2000F radiant heatFlexible and easy to applyStrong self-adhesive backingUse to secure panels, seal air boxes, wrap wiring & more... Learn More

Manufacturer: Design Engineering

Category: Exhaust Heat Shields


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